Thursday, 24 October 2013

Storyline test!

Storyline test!
To compare, three different techniques (our method, [tanahashi] and [Munroe]) for drawing storyline chart.

[Tanahashi] Tanahashi, Y. & Ma, K.-L. Design Considerations for Optimizing Storyline Visualizations Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on, 2012, 18, 2679 -2688

[Munroe] R. Munroe. Xkcd #657: Movie narrative charts., December 2009.


Marker to label the class of pixels, by Wasit Limprasert
Source files: marker.cpp, CMakeLists.txt, number.png 
Requirement: OpenCV2.4.5, Cmake2.8
Description: Marker load an original image and let user label classes of pixels. The marked image is then saved into bitmap file. There are 10 classes to be selected by pressing key number 0-9. "-" and "=" are used for deleting and saving, respectively.