Thursday, 12 February 2015

Qt creator msvc2013 + video player

I spent hours to make qml video sample run on Window 8. This should be noted for others who want to use Qt Creator on Windows (with Ubuntu is a lot easier).

The video sample needs OpenGL. However gl.h for pre-built qt-libraries msvc2013 require external OpenGL from Window SDK . Actually it is quite straightforward, if I could find the SDK directly. I wouldn't spent hours on this issue. The problem was on Qt web page they didn't point to the download link then I went to this page and install almost everything in the page until I found the right installer. So, if you have the similar problem and get an error message like below then you just install the Window SDK. All the best!

error: C1083: Cannot open include file: 'GL/gl.h': No such file or directory

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

ipcluster setup

setup ipcluster

1. install IPython please check here
2. it is better to make a snapshot at this point
3. create a IPython.parallel profile
      >>ipython profile create --parallel -profile=[profile_name]
4. find profile/ and edit
            c = get_config()
5. start a controller with --ip=[contoller_ip]
***if do the 5th step, the  3rd and 4th is unneesary

           ipcontroller --ip=
           ipcontroller start --ip=

6. copy ipcontroller-engine.json from controller ( to all engines ( and the rest) by executing a script

            scp /home/ubuntu/.config/ipython/profile_default/security/ipcontroller-engine.json ubuntu@

7. start engine by
            ipcluster engines
            ipcluster engines --n=8