Wednesday, 26 November 2014

CDT student project

Traffic light control

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

cs102 project

Project specifications

PWM motor driver

A simple pwm motor driver. This circuit generates buzzing sound when duty cycle isn't enough to turn the motor.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Assembly code for generating Fibonacci series


shortest code by JEERAMETH KLOMSING

Cat     Add 7
        Sta 7
        Add 99 
        Sta 99
        Bra Cat
        Dat 1

code by Som-O

      LDA  A
      ADD  A
      STA  B
      ADD  A
      STA  A
      ADD  B
      BRA  4
A     DAT  1
B     DAT  1
Clear memory
by Wasit
begin   lda x
        add one
        sta x
x       dat 305
        bra begin

one     dat 1

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Pi microscope

1. Removing the lens by using two pins to turn the lense cover in anti-clockwise direction
2. removing the eyepiece of the microscope and replaced by the Pi camera
3. Here I used an old calibration sample. The distance between two lines is 0.2mm (200 micron)
4. The the tiny number on sample is scaled up and inverted on screen
5. When I used 4x objective lense
6. and 10x
7. Finally the 40x objective lens. At this magnification the image was quite blur and it showed significant color aberration.
8. by adjusting location of condensing lens below the sample has improved the quality.

In the image7, the space between two black lines was scaled up to almost completely filled the width of window (2592 x 1944). Roughly about 12.5 pixel per micron. An this will be helpful in my project, which I need to look cells, which has size around 10 to 50 micron.